Where are our Iranian sisters?
  Azadi Stadium, the largest football stadium in Iran, was host to a group of four Iranian women audience members who were there to watch the South Korea vs. Iran football match. ... More
Women’s Rights Groups Issue Announcement Concerning the Sentencing of Alieh Eghdomdust
  On Thursday , January 29 , 2009 , the judiciary officers of Revolution Court in Tehran , arrested Aliyeh Eghdam Doost , a women’s movement activists in her house and transferred her to Evin prison sentenced to three years of imprisonment . ... More
Kobra N. Saved from Stoning after 13 Years
   Kobra N.'s stoning sentence has been converted into one hundred lashes, according to a new verdict by the Head of Iranian Judiciary. ... More
Stoning of a woman is upheld
  The 27th District of Iranian Supreme Court approved the stoning sentence of Afsaneh, a woman from Shiraz, Iran.


... More
Red or Blue?!
       It really annoys me whenever I hear that soccer is only for men and girls should not be allowed to play, only watch ... More
No to all Neofundamentalist symbols!
  Meydaan Women’s Manifesto on the Occasion of its Second Anniversary July–August 2008

... More
Iranian Women's Campaign to be Football Spectators
  The issue of women's presence in the public sphere of Iran where the majority of the population are Shia' Muslims, is a complicated and multi layered issue. ... More
Iran: Death by stoning suspended…but still legal!
  The SKSW Campaign could not celebrate quite yet.  Punishment by stoning remains lawful under the new draft criminal code of Iran ... More
Stop Stoning Forever Campaign: A Report
  In response to the stonings of these two individuals and women’s rights activists formed the Stop Stoning Forever Campaign in cooperation with the Network of Volunteer Lawyers in order to abolish the law of stoning in Iran ... More
Statement on the 2008 Report of the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture
  The WLUML network, the Stop Killing and Stoning Women! Campaign, and our sister-organizations seek an end to the persistent misuse of religion and culture to justify the physical torture of women (including killing and maiming) as punishment for transgressing culturally-imposed ‘norms’ of sexual behaviour ... More
An open letter to Switzerland's Foreign Ministry
  You don’t seem to respect Iranian women while respecting the anti-human rights law of a government that takes away Iranian women’s right to choose their own clothing. ... More
Mokarrameh Ebrahimi released from prison
  You can continue to show your support for other women and men sentenced for adultery to death by stoning by demanding their release. ... More

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Targeting Women in Afghanistan and Iraq
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Indigenous feminism without apology
Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation spreading kindness and hope in Iran
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