Iran Judiciary Confrims Stoning of Jafar Kiani
Date: 2007/07/10  Meydaan 

Dr. Alireza Jamshidi, the Iranian judiciary spokesman, announced in a press briefing held on Tuesday, July 10, that the stoning of Jafar Kiani has taken place but the stoning of his partner, Mokarrameh Ebrahimi, is stayed.

Jamshidi said, “The law requiring four fair witnesses and four confessions or the judge’s knowledge has resulted in few stoning sentences in the country.  The judiciary’s view on stoning stems from Shari’a and the law, although there have been cases where the sentence has been issued but stopped.”

Jamshidi added, “Lately there has been a stoning sentence executed by a judge in Takistan branch, but in the judiciary branch there was not supposed to have such sentences executed this way and the ban order issued by the Head of Judiciary is to ensure appropriate caution by the judges in issuing and executing such sentences.  But in this case since the sentence had been confirmed [by the Supreme Court] it was executed, but the woman’s sentence is stayed now.”

The judiciary spokesman stated, “The extent to which the ban order can deprive a judge from independence is a long discussion, but a judge can act independently, although with the order of the Head of Judiciary, it is necessary to exercise more caution in issuing and executing these sentences.”

“The judiciary policy in these cases is derived from the law and Sharia, that is why a [stoning sentence] has been issued and executed in very few and rare cases,” Jamshidi added.

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